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Impuls Deutsch: Intercultural | Interdisciplinary | Interactive

Our new Beginning College German Textbook, Impuls Deutsch, uses a flipped classroom concept, and focuses on intercultural competence, interdisciplinary topics from the STEM fields and the Humanities, and activities that encourage meaningful interactions among students and with other German speakers around the world.


Play, Learn German, and Have Fun Together with Klett’s Quizfragen for Kahoot!

Kahoot! helps students learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture with fun games that will provide a welcome change from the usual classroom routine.

  • Kahoot! is easy to use and provides teachers with immediate feedback on student progress
  • multiple-choice questions test knowledge in a playful way
  • free Kahoot! content by Klett can be combined with any textbook series
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Aspekte junior B1+

Online Textbook - One Year License
Ute Koithan et al.
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Klasse! A1

Test Book + Online Audio
Ekaterini Karamichali et al.
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Cover Klasse! A1 978-3-12-607126-0 Birgitta Fröhlich Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF),Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DaZ)

Klasse! A1

Teacher's Manual + Audio CD and DVD
Birgitta Fröhlich
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