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Whether you missed our recent webinars or want to review the content from a past session, don't worry! 

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Available now: Netzwerk neu A1

Willkommen in der Netzwerk-WG! This completely new edition of the international bestseller—Netzwerk —guides learners from novice to intermediate proficiency with confidence. Netzwerk neu A1 is now available!


Play, Learn German, and Have Fun Together with Klett’s Quizfragen for Kahoot!

Kahoot! helps students learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture with fun games that will provide a welcome change from the usual classroom routine.

  • Kahoot! is easy to use and provides teachers with immediate feedback on student progress
  • Multiple-choice questions test knowledge in a playful way
  • Free Kahoot! content by Klett can be combined with any textbook series
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