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Play, Learn German, and Have Fun Together with Klett’s Quizfragen for Kahoot!

Kahoot! helps students learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture with fun games that will provide a welcome change from the usual classroom routine.

  • Kahoot! is easy to use and provides teachers with immediate feedback on student progress
  • multiple-choice questions test knowledge in a playful way
  • free Kahoot! content by Klett can be combined with any textbook series

It's here: Klasse!

Klasse!  - the newest German textbook series for High School will carry on the successful tradition of geni@l klick.  Klasse! A1  is finally available. Request your exam copy now!


Klett Augmented - Scan, learn, and discover!

Download the free Klett Augmented app and play all media files in your book via smartphone or tablet, and access all video and audio clips easily while online or offline. Klett Augmented is ideal for homework and self-study, and it allows you to manage all media files in one app. 

For more info, take a look at the instructions or video tutorial.

New Products

geni@l klick A1

Instructor Edition on DVD-ROM
Birgitta Fröhlich et al.
In stock, shipping delay may apply to school orders
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Klasse! A1

Textbook + Online Audio and Video
Sarah Fleer et al.
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Maximal A1

Claudia Brass et al.
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