55 Spiele mit Chunks

Spiele für den DaF-Unterricht


144 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-674152-1

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A1 - A2

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55 Spiele mit Chunks is suitable for partner or group work, or plenary sessions. This book contains55 motivating and engaging games for practicing, applying, and reinforcing the use of chunks, fixed language modules that facilitate communication at A1 and A2 levels. This book can be used independently or accompany any textbooks series. Each game includes a detailled description and copy masters for immediate use in the classroom!

  • Level A1-A2 
  • requires little to no preparation
  • are suitable for both young learners and adults
  • immediate and flexible implementation in the classroom 
  • promotes oral communication skills by practicing fixed language modules (chunks)
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Spiele für den DaF-Unterricht

Spiele für den DaF-Unterricht assist students in practicing, applying, and reinforcing communicative as well as pronounciation and grammar skills. The games in each book can be seamlessly integrated into any curriculum and alongside any textbook series. All books are suitable for partner or group work, or plenary sessions, and require little to no preparation....