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The Aspekte neu textbook material stresses the thematic approach of the AP curriculum. Varied exercises and activities in Aspekte neu allow the students to practice and demonstrate their proficiency in the three modes of communication -- interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. The 10 thematic units in Aspekte neu integrate the 6 themes required in the AP German curriculum, which are foundational to the AP German Language and Culture course.
Authentic material is at the center of Aspekte neu, and culture is integrated throughout the series. In addition to a variety of text forms, audio material, and online exercises, each chapter features a DVD clip with authentic Reportagen from ZDF, complete with a transcript and comprehension activities.
Video, audio, and text excerpts from Aspekte neu are featured on the pages the follow as well as a graph that shows the six themes covered on the AP German Language and Culture exam and the alignment of those with the main topics in Aspekte neu. If you would like to examine any of the material, please contact us at 800-458-1226.

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AP Textbook


Standards-based and thematically structured with an emphasis on a large array of texts and audio-visual ancillaries, Aspekte neu is the textbook for the AP German Language and Culture Course.

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AP Landeskunde

Textbook Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH   Pedagogically top-notch, with extensive student-centered exercises, creative activities, partner and group work, writing exercises, and Internet research projects, this text is full of relevant up-to-date information appealingly presented with effective classroom strategies that help the students to engage with and master the material.

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AP Cultural Reader

In light of the expanded role of culture in the new AP curriculum, this inexpensive text serves as an invaluable component of the new AP German course.
The engaging cultural reader Orientierungskurs Deutschland orients students to the culture of Germany, touching on many topics, including recent history, culture, politics, the school system, observations.

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AP Literature

  A work of Jugendliteratur used on several of the syllabi posted on the College Board website, this story draws on the AP themes of "Families and Communities" and "Personal and Public Identities".  One in a series of six works of Jugendliteratur developed by the Goethe Institut with teacher's manuals available. These books are authentic novels for teenagers by well-known German authors.

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AP Grammar


This comprehensive German grammar ancillary reviews and expands on grammatical knowledge of students at the AP level (A1-B1).
Complete with extensive and varied exercises in context as well as grammatical tables, illustrations, and concise explanations in German, Einfach Grammatik can be used in conjunction with any course materials.

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