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Aspekte neu

Standards-based and thematically structured with an emphasis on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication, Aspekte neu is the textbook for the AP German Language and Culture Course.  The thematic content of Aspekte neu is correlated directly to the six themes of the AP curriculum.  Authentic material is at the center of Aspekte Neu, and culture is seamlessly integrated throughout.  Each chapter culminates in Reportagen taken from ZDF that serve not only as authentic interpretive text, but also as springboard for comparison, analysis, creation and expression of meaning in all three modes of communication.  The language proficiency targeted by the AP German exam and cultivated in Aspekte neu involves more than mastery of distinct skills:  it is designed to foster the student’s emerging ability to interpret complex meaning and communicate globally.

Structure and Content:
  • AP themes are organized in chapters with 4 modules, focusing on the three modes of communication.
  • Each module presents a different variation of the chapter’s overarching theme.
  • Each chapter highlights a significant contemporary or historical figure or figures, contains a focused grammar review, and includes thematically-appropriate viewing activities and excerpts from German TV station ZDF. 
  • Aspekte Neu facilitates students’ progress in interpreting a variety of authentic written, graphic, audio, and video texts.
  • Proficiency-based skill development is spiraled and sequential; skills build upon previously acquired skills.
  • Vocabulary base is expanded broadly in meaningful and engaging contexts.
  • Student self-assessment and second language learning skills are incorporated, and meta-skills are reinforced throughout.