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Concept and Structure


TEAM DEUTSCH – with team work, everybody succeeds


This junior high school textbook series is perfect for communicative, task-based and collaborative instruction. Pursuing an emancipatory approach, Team Deutsch systematically develops learning strategies and learner autonomy, and promotes social skills through cooperative methods of learning. The fresh, magazine-like layout and the vivid language attract young learners as much as the themes and topics that relate to their personal experience and curiosity.  Available as print copy or DVD for whiteboard and beamer.

  • 12 chapters with visual and audio introductions to the chapter themes, contemporary readings about the life of German speaking teenagers
  • learning goals, objectives, and the necessary tools clearly marked on introductory pages
  • scaffolded communicative exercises in both textbook and workbook
  • grammar presented and explained in context
  • “cheat sheets” for easy reference
  • strategies and tips for learning and studying
  • integrated phonetics training to approximate authentic situations
  • Im Team pages with games, projects and songs for further exploring the newly acquired material and allowing for each student to participate according to his/her abilities
  • two review chapters per volume focusing on skill training in preparation for formal exams like AP
  • Meilensteine chapters in the workbook for revisiting the stations of students’ language  acquisition and, based on can-do descriptors, self-assessing their progress
  • “My grammar” and “My vocabulary” pages in the workbook for personalizing students’ learning progress
  • online exercises expand on material in text
  • teacher handbook with explanations, suggestions for implementing the material, and master copies for additional activities