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The beginning German college textbook series, now available for high school programs.
With Netzwerk, students experience college-level pacing, format, and content.  Cultural material from the German-speaking countries is presented in context and linked to students' own cultural experiences.  Each chapter clearly states communicative learning goals, grammatical structures, and self-assessment and encourages students to take ownership of the learning process.  The modes of communication are addressed and practiced through realistic, up-to-date scenarios that include current media, devices, texts, and topics that relate to the digital world.  Exercises are student-centered and varied.  Grammar is user-oriented and relevant for communicative tasks.  Tasks are authentic and designed to facilitate advancement from simple to sophisticated use.  Informal and formal modes of communication are highlighted and differentiated from the very beginning.  Video is integrated thematically into the chapters and trains students to watch, listen, and understand. 

The textbook and DVD follow Bea, a 20-year old student from Berlin who is in Munich for an internship. We watch, listen, and read about her interactions with family and friends as well as in her work environment. Formal German in addition to structures for interaction with friends is actively practiced in context.

The textbook with accompanying workbook consists of 12 chapters with 4 review chapters. The material is available as hard copy as well as online textbook and workbook.

The Multimedia Student Pack (Hard Copy) consists of:
Textbook with audio CDs and DVD
Workbook with audio CDs

The Online Material consists of:
Textbook with embedded audio and DVD
Workbook with embedded audio and interactive exercises: The student can check the answers (three tries each) and the result is automatically graded and transferred to the instructor’s gradebook.

The Instructor’s Material consists of:
Digitized Instructor’s Toolkit with textbook material with embedded audio and DVD as well as instructor’s manual, workbook material with embedded audio and answer keys
Automated gradebook (LMS)