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Current Forms of Communication


Frau telefoniert  

Texting, chat and e-mail are part of our students' everyday lives along with the computers and cell phones that have brought these forms of communication into existence. Working with these in the classroom makes language instruction more relevant and motivates your students.






geni@l klick A1 Textbook

geni@l klick A1: Einladung

Suited for the 1st Year and up: Abbreviations are part and parcel of the world of texting! Listen to the audio clip and read the texts from this exercise in geni@l klick to find out who is coming to the party. Your students are then also invited to the party and must write an SMS message using some of the abbreviations common when texting in German, as supplied in the table accompanying the exercise. Who is coming to the party?

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Portfolio Deutsch 1: Writing an email

Suited for the 1st Year and up: In this test exercise from our beginning textbook series Portfolio Deutsch, students read and analyze an e-mail, which they must then respond to. Questions guide the students, helping them to analyze the e-mail and create a good response, thus becoming better test takers.

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Portfolio Deutsch 2

Suited for 2nd Year and up: In this exercise from Portfolio Deutsch Level 2, students listen to a telephone conversation and determine which one of the three IMs Nadja wrote. Common texting abbreviations in German are included to help the students--and teachers!--understand this new form. In part b of the exercise, students listen to the conversation again and must decide which of two statements is correct.

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Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH Cultural Textbook

Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH: Natur und Umwelt

Suited for 3rd Year and up: In the chapter "Natur und Umwelt" of our Landeskunde text Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH, students read and discuss various blog entries on the topic of "Gefühlte Temperatur". They are then given a Suchwort and asked to do Internet research as to whether there might be any biological reasons for the Forumbeitrag assertion that women get cold more easily than men do. Also an excellent exercise for AP students exploring the theme of Science and Technology!

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