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Netzwerk is a college textbook series for beginning German. Grammatical structures are introduced in context and practiced in interactive exercises.  Topics are geared toward college students as various forms of communication (including e-mails, blogs, texting) are practiced.

Netzwerk consists of the following components:

Textbook, Workbook, Audio CDs, DVD, Intensive Trainer, Digitized Instructor's Toolkit, Interactive White Board Applications, a German-English Chapter Glossary as a free download and online exercises.




Netzwerk A1

Netzwerk is a beginning college textbook series. The fundamentals of the German language are introduced and practiced from the very start using the communicative tools students are familiar with in their native language.

Netzwerk A2

Netzwerk A2 is the second level in the beginning college textbook series. The topical focus is directed toward the new means of communication. It includes extensive exercises for study, the workplace and as well as more casual communication with friends.

Netzwerk B1

Netzwerk B1 consolidates the previous two introductory levels and smoothly transitions students into the intermediate level. The vocabulary base is expanded and the grammatical structures are deepened via the integration of various forms of communication.