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Concept and Structure

Digital Formats 


 addresses the modes of communication via integrating the new media through various texts, topics and tasks as they relate to the digital world.  Chapter overviews and self-assessments make the students aware of the language acquisition process, helping to guide them in their progress.  The exercises are student-centered and varied.  The grammar is user-oriented and relevant for communicative tasks.  Important aspects of the spoken language are introduced from the very beginning.  The video is integrated thematically into the chapters and trains the student to watch, listen and understand.

Each level offers the following components:

  • Textbook with audio CDs and DVD
  • Workbook with audio CDs
  • Intensive Trainer
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Digitized Instructor's Toolkit
  • German-English chapter glossary as a free download
  • Online Exercises

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Digital Products

Netzwerk - available as textbook and workbook in multiple formats and for all devices:
  • online textbook with embedded audios
  • online interactive workbook with embedded audio and video
  • automated grading and statistical analytics for the teacher
  • instructor's toolkit with textbook, workbook, all audio and video files, transcripts, answer keys, teacher's manual, vocabulary lists and worksheet generator
  • all material available in print hard copy as well

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The three individual volumes of Netzwerk correspond to the following levels of the Common European Framework for language proficiency:






Netzwerk A1          
Netzwerk A2           
Netzwerk B1           


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