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geni@l klick

NEW! geni@l klick is now available both in hard copy and as interactive online textbook and workbook. This multimedia German high school textbook series is designed according to both the U.S. National Standards and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The teacher's instructional toolkit on DVD-ROM is a treasure trove and makes preparation and teaching simple, active and fun.


geni@l klick A1

Various text forms, authentic audio and video, interactive exercises, paired and group activities and an early sustained reading program make geni@l klick one of the most exciting German high school textbook series. Available as hard copies and interactive online texts.

geni@l klick A2

The second-year material focuses on developing all four skills in authentic and stimulating contexts with various text forms and many audio and video activities. Available as hard copies and interactive online text- and workbook.

geni@l klick B1

The third level transitions students into more sophisticated and assured use of German in the three modes of communication - interpersonal, interpretive and presentational. Abstract concepts are made real and approachable. Available as hard copies and interactive online texts.