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German Cultural Studies

Culture is the motor of foreign language instruction – and yet, very hard to teach, especially at the beginning level. These authentic materials give a first impression of the many regional differences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Treffpunkt D-A-CH

Cultural readings about the three German-speaking D-A-CH countries should be introduced as early as possible. These supplementary readers highlight the geographic and cultural differences from First Year German through AP.

> Treffpunkt D-A-CH


Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH

This up-to-date 144-page cultural reader focuses equally on all three German-speaking countries, exploring various themes such as: Geografie; Feste und Feiern; Kultur und Wissenschaft; Natur und Umwelt.

> Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH


Orientierungskurs Deutschland

Relevant, up-to-date and stimulating material on German culture (with “C” and “c”) at the low intermediate level for supplemental use or as a separate course on culture.

> Orientierungskurs Deutschland



60 Stunden Orientierungskurs Deutschland

This cultural reader focuses on Germany’s culture, history and politics utilizing various text types. Includes an audio-CD and workbook.

> 60 Stunden Orientierungskurs Deutschland


Bilderbogen D-A-CH

The Bilderbogen D-A-CH DVD-ROM features 12 short, authentic city and lanscape portraits, interviews, and historical facts—each approximately 3-5 minutes in length—which paint a lively picture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Land & Leute D-A-CH

The second in our series of authentic Landeskunde DVDs, also featuring 12 short 3-5 minute clips introducing students to various aspects of the German-speaking world. One-page color worksheets and transcripts accompany each clip and can be printed from the DVD-ROM.

Der Fall der Mauer

Have students explore those momentous times in Videoreportagen. Contains worksheets with comprehension exercises.