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You can have your students watch, listen and interpret the adventures from the everyday lives of German teenagers on DVD and then read about their further adventures in this entertaining companion reader series to geni@l klick. Downloadable audio files and exercises are available with purchase of each reader. You will find links to the audio files in the left-side navigation pane. 

Leicht & Genial Readers

Beste Freundinnen

The story follows Jenny, Caro and Karim whom we know from the video. The screenshots help the students follow the story line: Caro kind of likes Karim and he is having a birthday party soon. But Caro's parents are really strict. What to do?

Das Rockfestival

Jakob and Felix are really looking forward to the upcoming rock festival. The only problem: Tickets are really expensive. How will they be able to afford it?

Die Mathearbeit

The reader is an expansion on the geni@l klick DVD but can also be read as a stand-alone. Jakob is always too busy with all of his hobbies and forgot to study for his math test. Luckily his best friend Felix is a genius when it comes to math. Can he help out?


Jenny and Tina met though social media and have become good friends - except that they have not met face to face. Jenny lives in the city and Tina in the contryside. Finally, they will get to meet when Jenny goes to see Tina. They did not expect this kind of surprise.