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Our Director, Dagmar Schalliol, has led our North American operations since 2005. With an MA and PhD in German emphasizing cross-cultural education, she has taught high school and college at all levels as well as trained teachers for over 20 years. Her passion is advocacy for German in the U.S. She frequently gives talks and conducts workshops on the relevance of foreign language instruction. 
    Tel: (708) 689-0409
    E-mail: dschalliol

  Our Pedagogical Liaison, Catherine Green, has 13 years high school foreign language teaching experience, including teaching and designing curricula for beginning German through AP.  With an MSEd and National Board Certification, she is dedicated to supporting teachers in delivering relevant and meaningful proficiency-based instruction. Having lived and studied in Switzerland, Germany, and Argentina, Catherine is passionate about language learning as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. 
    Tel: (708) 689-0409
    E-mail: cgreen
  Our Customer Service and Operations Manager, Helene Rhodes, has been a foreign language and ESL teacher both here and abroad. Her respect for cross-cultural exchanges, as well as extensive management and organizational skills, help to serve our clients with excellence. Helene ensures that customer service is the highest of priorities as she extrapolates from her background in teaching, public presentations, financial planning, and entrepreneurial endeavors.
    Tel: (708) 689-0409
    E-mail: info
  Our Instructional Technology Specialist, Kerry Santoro, first joined the team in 2012 as Pedagogical Liaison. With 8 years of prior teaching experience, Kerry holds an MEd in secondary education, is a Fulbright fellow, and led multiple GAPP exchanges. With an understanding of the many facets of a German teacher's day-to-day, as well as knowledge of Klett's library of textbook material, Kerry places high value on an online educational platform's user-friendliness accompanied by clear, concise training materials.
    Tel: (708) 689-0409
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