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Online Resources

The ultimate website and (safe) search engine for young students: www.blinde-kuh.de The site offers many interesting and easy to understand bits of information on the media, pets and animals, various cultures and languages as well as stories written by children and instructions for numerous activites. 

Online Magazine for Young Readers:


> www.sowieso.de This site offers news items and gives the reader the opportunity to write in their reactions and opinions, to find e-pals and much more.


> Web Side Story - Readings for the Advanced Learner: projekte.minerva-schulen.ch/html/projekte/webside/titel.html The online project of a Swiss school in which the reader can choose the ending.  Clever, well done and funny!


> www.geo.de/GEOlino Here are find many interesting and informative topics to be found (e.g. science and technology, peoples and countries, animals, plants etc.) as well as hands-on instructions for projects.


> www.kidscat.ch This site offers a quiz corner about many different topics and gives students the opportunity to find e-pals.


> www.kindernetz.de Interesting memory and guessing games, puzzles, a link to SWR (with stories, news and music) and many more links to entries on various hobbies, media and the environment.  And: The "Trend-Box" with listings on what's "in" and "out".


Listen up!

> www.ohrenbaer.de This is THE listening comprehension website with easy-to-understand stories - and they are short - no more than 1: 30 minutes each. 


> www.tivi.de/loewenzahn/ The internet site which accompanies Peter Lustig's TV show. Topics on nature and the environment are explained in easily understood terms, and the hands-on projects are fun.


> http://www.wdrmaus.de/maus.phtml The cult TV show (not only) for children. Here you learn what you have always wanted to know, e.g. how the toothpaste gets into the tube or what the ingredients of chewing gum are.


> http://www.kindersache.de/ News for young learners as well as discussions about relevant topics, movie reviews, games and a chat room.