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Outdoor Activities

Bild Outdoor Activities  

Have a look at some of the popular outdoor activities such as the sport of Parkour featured in our textbooks and ancillary materials.








Portfolio Deutsch 1: Kommst du mit?

Suited for 1st year and up: In these exercises from Portfolio Deutsch Level 1, beginning students learn to talk about various outdoor activities, first introduced via pictures, followed by dramatized dialogs that they listen to several times while completing comprehension exercises. In this context the modal verb structure is introduced and practiced, culminating in a creative exercise in which the students are asked to complete a poem on the topic using the new structure.

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Portfolio Deutsch 2: Niemals stehen bleiben

Suited for 2nd year and up: In these two exercises from Portfolio Deutsch Level 2, second-year students return to the theme of outdoor activities, first by way of a text and comprehension questions on the new new sport of parkour, followed by a personalized exercise in which students are asked to talk and write about their passions using subordinating conjunctions and dependent clauses along with further practice in the "My Portfolio" section.

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Große Gefühle (Level 2) Book with Audio CD

Leo & Co: Große Gefühle

Suited for 3rd year and up: A soccer tournament in Berlin between Spain and Germany is at the center of this story Große Gefühle from our new easy reader series Leo & Co.. An extensive Landeskunde section follows at the end of each of the books, providing useful and informative background cultural information. In this example, important monuments in the city of Berlin, regional food specialties (Currywurst) and the history and significance of soccer in German culture are discussed and explored via texts, discussion questions and research activities. Each book in this series is accompanied by an audio CD with a dramatized narration of the story.

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Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH Cultural Textbook

Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH: Paddeltour

Suited for the 4th/5th year and AP: In this section from our brand-new Landeskunde text Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH students read about a canoe tour on the lakes of Mecklenburg and answer comprehension questions. Assisted by prompts, they then either write a diary entry or plan their own canoe tour. Color pictures of the landscape provide a visual context, while relevant vocabulary words with definitions help the students with the exercise.

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