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Whatever textbooks you are using, we have a broad array of readers available, grouped in series designed for students from the very beginning level onward. In many cases, these editions are accompanied by audio material, background cultural information and exercises. Explore the various series below.



Klara & Theo Storytelling for Beginners:  These stories were designed to foster early reading at the very beginning stages of language learning. Students learn German along with the character Turbo  who meets Olli, Jessica, Moon and Einstein from the Klara & Theo Early Independent Reading Program. Sold as PDF downloads in three parts, they work well in conjunction with any textbook.

To order any or all of the TPRS storytelling series, please call (800) 458-1226.


Klara & Theo Early Independent Reading Program:  This series of easy readers (A1-B1) features the German high school students Olli, Jessica, Moon and Einstein in a number of different plot lines. Have students read them individually or in a group and report back to class about what happened in their "novel". Each volume includes exercises and is available with or without an audio mini-CD narration of the text.

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Felix & Theo: Elvis in Köln  

Felix & Theo:  A series of 25 different readers for beginning students (A1-B1) featuring the detective Helmut Müller and his secretary Bea Braun who encounter and solve various mysteries and crimes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Each reader contains exercises and in most cases these are also available with a mini-CD narration.

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Leo & Co: Gebrochene Herzen  

Leo & Co.:  A series of over 20 new easy readers (A1-B1) featuring Leo and his circle of friends. Extensive exercises and cultural information at the back of the book make this series very useful to teachers. Each book comes with an audio-CD.

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Lesen & Hören A1: Der Filnstar  

Lesen & Hören A1:  A new series for the A1 level—currently with 3 titles available—based on characters from our Berliner Platz NEU textbook series. Similar in format to the Leo & Co. readers with varied comprehension exercises for each chapter and an accompanying audio-CD, these readers expand on the stories featured on the DVD Berliner Platz NEU, which is sold separately.

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Readers for Young People:  A series of 6 longer readers developed by the Goethe Institut for teenagers at the intermediate level (A2-B1). Teacher's manuals are available in most cases.

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