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The Fifth Season

Bild Faschingskrapfen  

Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht, Mardi Gras—whatever the regional term, this celebration is one of dressing up, partying and having a fun time. Have a look at some of our resources relating to Karneval.






Wechselspiel Junior Illustrations and Interactive Worksheets

Wechelspiel junior

Suited for 2nd year and up: In this partner exercise from Wechselspiel Junior, students work in pairs, one using sheet A, the other sheet B, to exchange information about how the various characters are dressing up for Karneval. This popular ancillary text, full of other similar partner activities, is available in two volumes and is designed to be photocopied.

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Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH Cultural Textbook

Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH: Volksfeste und Events

Suited for the 4th/5th year and AP: These readings and exercises from our Landeskunde text Entdeckungsreise D-A-CH compare and contrast various folk festivals in the German-speaking countries. Comprehension exercises, small group activities, vocabulary activities, writing and research assignments help the students to engage with and master the material.

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