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Bild Stadt mit Leuchten und Wasser und Schiff  

At the beginning of the school year, students are excited to tell about their summer vacation.
Have a look at these useful excerpts and worksheets on the topic of vacation and travel.






Portfolio Deutsch 1: Vacation

This excerpt from Portfolio Deutsch Level 1 seamlessly integrates the topic of travel with the simple past forms of sein und haben.

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Portfolio Deutsch 2: Nach den Ferien

This example from the Portfolio Deutsch Level 2 Classwork section employs visual and audio material and allows for more creative responses. Then use the worksheet from the My Portfolio section to introduce or review the perfect tense of regular weak verbs.

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Treffpunkt D-A-CH Treffpunkt D-A-CH 1 Cultural Reader and Exercise Booklet (bilingual)

Treffpunkt D-A-CH:

The following worksheets are taken from the companion cultural reader and exercise booklet Treffpunkt D-A-CH. In the first instance, students are asked to cull information from a web page in German. In the second, the students read a text and locate various attractions in the city of Hamburg.

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