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 Kinder in der Schule schreiben Aufgaben


Writing is generally the slowest of the four skills to develop. However, this does not mean that it should be neglected, even in the earliest stages of language learning. Click "more" to see excerpts from our textbook series that focus on developing writing skills.







geni@l klick A1 Textbook

geni@l klick A1: DVD & Worksheet

Suited for the 1st Year and up: In the introductory video segment below from the new genial klick DVD, students form a video group—"Die Medien-AG"—and start producing video clips, first introducing themselves, then interviewing others, including their teacher. The various scenarios in the video are designed to encourage students to write scripts and produce their own similar videos: describing my bedroom, the route I take to school, making plans with a friend on the phone, asking parents' permission to attend a concert, a portrait of my school, a scene at a birthday party. Short comprehension exercises accompany each segment and also serve to introduce useful vocabulary.



To the Title

Click here for the accompaying video trainer worksheet


Portfolio Deutsch 1

Suited for the 1st Year and up: In this excerpt from our beginning textbook series Portfolio Deutsch students answer several true/false statements about three Internet texts in a "Fan-Forum". They are then given some vocabulary guidance and asked to write their own short blog expressing their feelings about a favorite musician or sports star. The blogs are posted, and then students must select one and respond in writing.

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Portfolio Deutsch 2: Fan-Forum

Suited for 2nd Year and up: In this exercise from Portfolio Deutsch Level 2, students learn how to write an informational text, while at the same time learning large numbers and practicing adjective endings in the dative. An example text is given describing Berlin, with comprehension exercises following. Students are then asked to gather information on their favorite city and write a short text designed for tourists to that city.

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geni@l Zertifikatsniveau: Sonne und Wind

Suited for 3rd Year and up: In this excerpt from geni@l students read, listen to and compare five different poems on the topic of weather and the seasons. At the end, they are encouraged to write their own poems. Writing flows seamlessly from the preceding activities of reading, listening, reciting and discussing.

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