Terms and Conditions for BlinkLearning Product Licenses (Book Codes)

These Terms and Conditions pertaining to the sale and use of BlinkLearning product licenses (Book Codes) for online textbooks and workbooks from Klett USA, Inc., apply to all customers and users of Book Codes provided by Klett USA, Inc..


Finality of Sales
All sales are final. Book Codes are nonrefundable.


Expiration and License Period
Book Codes do not expire. They may be activated at any time. Each Book Code, including Student Book Codes, upon activation, begins a 14-month access period, granted to a single product. Products must be accessed in the BlinkLearning online platform at www.blinklearning.com.


Sold Separately
Book Codes are not included with the purchase of a print (physical) book.

Book Codes can be activated at www.blinklearning.com.

Book Codes are nontransferable. They may be activated only once at any time solely by the purchaser or intended recipient.


Book Codes for Teachers
Book Codes are supplied free of charge to teachers who have adopted online products and will require student purchase. Teacher Book Codes, including 3-month trial versions, may not be sold or otherwise transferred to any party other than the original intended recipient.

​For school purchase orders, an Excel file of Book Codes will be delivered to the purchaser. The responsibility for maintaining and distributing Book Codes belongs to the purchaser for the full term of the adoption. Klett USA does not monitor the use of Book Codes after they have been delivered.

Accompanying the purchase of Book Codes, customers receive free technical support from Klett USA, Inc. between the hours of 8am and 4pm Central Time, Mon. through Fri., excluding federal holidays.

Individual Online Sales
Effective November 1, 2018, individual student orders for Book Codes must be placed through the Klett USA webshop at www.klett-usa.com.