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Die Deutschprofis B1

Textbook Series for Young Learners (8+)

Test Book

72 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-676499-5

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$ 16.95
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Includes access to all media.

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 1

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 2

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 3

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 4

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 5

Die Deutschprofis B1 | Testheft | Track 6

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Die Deutschprofis

Beginning textbook series for elementary school students

Die Deutschprofis is inspired by the successful textbook Das neue Deutschmobil. The textbook series targets elementary school students and presents exciting topics from the real-life world of children.  Die Deutschprofis Felix, Maja, Leo, and his dog lead students through the book with humor and help them discover the German language. Grammar is presented...