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Die Kraft der dunklen Zeichen

Reader Series for Teenagers

Reader/Workbook + Online Resources

160 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-607031-7



$ 16.95
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Dennis has been experiencing nightmares for days. An erie voice commands him to return to the mysterious stone gate he discovered long ago. Even though he swore he would never return, he finally gives in and enters the other world through the gate. However, he doesn't notice that he is being followed by Leon, Ruben, and Sophie. The four teenagers suddenly find themselves in the middle of an ancient battle between great forces. The more they find out about the this mysterious world, the less they know on whose side they should fight on in the great battle. 

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Reader Series for Teenagers

This new reader series fosters students' reading and writing skills. It draws students in to actively determine how the story unfolds. The book contains blank spaces in which students write their own ideas, allowing them to become authors themselves.