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DLL 17: Sprachbildung in der Grundschule

Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Book + DVD

224 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-676209-0



$ 54.95
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Participation in education and learning success depend to a large extent on language competences. Therefore, it is also - and especially in primary school - important that pupils can build up these competences quickly and at a high level.

In this context, it is not only important to promote linguistic competences in German as language of instruction, but also to value, include and strengthen the first language(s) of all children.

Teachers have the challenging task of doing justice to the linguistic diversity in their classrooms and supporting all children in terms of comprehensive language education.

Unit 17 explores the following questions:

How can multilingualism and linguistic diversity be included and strengthened in an appreciative and language-building way in primary school lessons? Which approaches and methods of multilingual didactics are available?

Which methods can be used to build up linguistic competences in a targeted way?

How can the linguistic requirements of the different subjects be determined? And how can subject and language learning be interlinked?

What possibilities are there to diagnose the individual language competence of the pupils?

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DLL - Deutsch Lehren Lernen

The Continuing Education Series of the Goethe Institut

This continuing education series was specifically developed for teachers of German as a Foreign Language. DLL allows for the practically oriented qualification of teachers worldwide, K-12 and Higher Ed. All DLL books are intended for self-study.