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Klett Augmented

Hören & Sprechen B2

Deutsch intensive

Workbook + Online Resources

102 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-675227-5

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Exercise book for intensive training of listening comprehension and speaking at level B2 - for independent learners of German as a foreign language or as part of a course.


  • Listening and speaking exercises from everyday life and work:
    job and carrier, living in the digital era, news and fraudulent news, travel and mobility, job market, environment and climate, nutrition, interculturality, Business German, etc.
  • Training of different listening strategies: global, selective and detailed listening
  • Speaking prompts and important phrases for each topic
  • Self-test to check your own listening skills
  • With answer key and solutions
  • Extra: exam training to prepare for relevant exam formats and tasks


Probekapitel Hören / Sprechen B2

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Das Training

Deutsch INTENSIV provides extensive practice in the core linguistic skills: Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening & Speaking.