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Ich, Tessa und das Erbsengeheimnis

Reader Series for Teenagers


240 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-666103-4



$ 15.25
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Paul is a passionate private eye. When new neighbors move in next door, he decides to keep an eye on the young girl Tessa. And indeed, she turns out to be quite peculiar. Why is she always going to school via detours? What's the purpose of the peas, and what is she hiding in her red suitcase? Why doesn't she play badminton with the other kids? Paul risks everything to find out what's going on. 

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Schlau mit blau

Reader Series for Teenagers

Motivating and engaging texts for young readers, 12+ years old. The series features current youth literature in an abridged and simplified version to accommodate learners of German. The readers also include blue pages with exercises and riddles. 

  • Support the development of reading strategies
  • Practice reading...