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Klett Augmented at a Glance!


Klett Augmented

Download the free Klett Augmented app and play all media files in your book via smartphone or tablet, and access all video and audio clips easily while online or offline. Klett Augmented is ideal for homework and self-study, and it allows you to manage all media files in one app. With the new audio player, you can conveniently rewind or forward all audio files. Moreover, the files will continue to play, when the phone enters rest mode. With the new update, learning languages becomes even easier!

Where can I get it?

The Klett Augmented app is available for free on the App Store or Google play. 


How does it work?

Download the "Klett Augmented" app onto your device and follow the steps below:

  1. Open Klett Augmented.
  2. Click on "Bilderkennung" located in left bottom corner.
  3. Choose your book from the list by searching for it, and then click the desired title.
  4. Once the title has loaded you have two choices: 
    1. Scannen per Klick: Simply click on the camera symbol to scan the desired page in your print textbook or workbook. All media files will load automatically.
    2. Seiten auswählen: A click on the book symbol will allow you to directly choose the desired page and its media content. No scanning required! 


Why Klett Augmented?
  • contains more than 250 DaF products 
  • direct access to all audio and video files
  • manage all media in one app 
  • easy incorporation into the classroom
  • ideal for self-study or homework 
  • easy access to the PONS online dictionary 
  • access media while offline or online