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Play, Learn German, and Have Fun Together with Klett’s Quizfragen for Kahoot!

Kahoot! helps students learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture with fun games that will provide a welcome change from the usual classroom routine.

  • Kahoot! is easy to use and provides teachers with immediate feedback on student progress
  • multiple-choice questions test knowledge in a playful way
  • free Kahoot! content by Klett can be combined with any textbook series
Highlights at a Glance:

Klett’s Quizfragen for Kahoot! are

in sync: contents are perfectly aligned with Klett’s textbook series

convenient: questions feature vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content for beginner through advanced levels

high-quality: content is created and carefully reviewed by Klett’s editorial team

transparent: detailed downloadable student performance analysis available for teachers after every round

Easy Preparation:
  • The instructor opens a Kahoot! (set of multiple choice questions) on his/her computer or tablet and projects the content
  • For classroom use, a code is generated
  • Students open Kahoot! on their smartphones or tablets and log in to the game with the code and a username



Aaaaaand go: Game Structure
  • Once the instructor starts a Kahoot!, a question with four possible answers is displayed. Each answer is displayed in a different color: blue, green, yellow, or red
  • The students see four different colored buttons on their personal devices and have to choose the right answer quickly, as time is running out
  • All questions follow this pattern. The winner is automatically calculated at the end of the Kahoot! Participants earn points for speed and accuracy
  • The results are displayed in a diagram


Find the App:

Find the web application at, or download the app for free: