Klett Augmented - Scan, learn, and discover!
18 Apr 2018

Klett Augmented - Scan, learn, and discover!

Download the free Klett Augmented app and play all media files in your book via smartphone or tablet, and access all video and audio clips easily while online or offline. Klett Augmented is ideal for homework and self-study, and it allows you to manage all media files in one app. 

For more info, take a look at the instructions or video tutorial.



Download the "Klett Augmented" app onto your device and follow the steps below:

  1. Open Klett Augmented.
  2. Click on "Bilderkennung" located in the circle towards the bottom.
  3. Choose your book from the list by searching for it, and then click the desired title.
  4. Open the desired page in your hard copy (print) textbook or workbook. The availability of audio and video is indicated by a symbol to the left on an exercise.
  5. Hold your phone over (above) the page which includes the audio or video symbol next to the exercise.You may wish to try holding the device in either portrait or landscape mode above the page for best results.
  6. A white box with the track number and heading will appear - click the arrow on the right in order to download.
  7. The download is complete once the arrow turns yellow. You can then click anywhere on the white box to listen to the audio or video associated with the exercise.
  8. Repeat steps for exercises on other pages.