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Netzwerk A1

Textbook Series for College/Adult Learners

Interactive Whiteboard Applications for Download (PC/MAC)

ISBN NP01160613603

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The 40 Netzwerk A1 Interactive Whiteboard Applications (Ch. 1-12) include communicative activities to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, culture, and speaking, and can be used to integrate technology and variety via Whiteboard or digital projector.



Kapitel 1-12

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System Requirements

Multimedia PC: Pentium Processor II and up, minimum of 256 MB RAM, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, Adobe Reader, graphics card with minimum 1024x768 pixels, sound card

OS: Windows, Mac OS

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Beginning textbook series in three levels

Netzwerk is a successful beginning texbooks series that promotes sustained learning and features clear and engaging topics that appeal to college and adult learners. The books follows Bea, a 20 year-old student from Berlin, who is in Munich for an internship. Students watch, listen, and read about her interactions with family and friends as well as her work environment.