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Klett Augmented

Neue Nachbarn in Wien

Reader Series for Teenagers/Young Adults

Book + Online Resources

48 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-674917-6




$ 9.75
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Maja is originally from Iran, but she now lives and studies in Vienna. At the university, she meets Julia and they quickly become friends. But then Julia's bike disappears. Is Maja involved? There's also Sven. He lives next door, and Maja really likes him.

Wichtige Wörter

Kapitel 1: Neue Wörter

Kapitel 1: Neu in Wien

Kapitel 2: Neue Wörter

Kapitel 2: Das Fahrrad ist weg

Kapitel 3: Neue Wörter

Kapitel 3: Einladung zum Grillfest

Kapitel 4: Neue Wörter

Kapitel 4: Grillfest mit Überraschungen

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Einfach loslesen!

Reader Series for Young Adults/Adult Learners

Einfach loslesen! consists of short and clever stories that feature cross-cultural encounters in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  The series motivates first-time readers while providing easy language training and an integrated conveyance of values.