Payment Information

We work in tandem every day, all day, with our exclusive vendor: International Book Import Service, Inc. (IBIS, Inc.  for short.)

International Book Import Service, Inc

161 Main St – PO Box 8188

Lynchburg TN 37352

  • IBIS Inc. ships our books from the warehouse in Tennessee (USA) and receives your remittance and all payments.
  • Invoices are issued by IBIS Inc.
  • All remittance must be made payable to International Book Import Service, Inc.
    (Payments made payable to anyone else, or sent to any address but IBIS Inc., may be delayed  or possibly returned.)
  • The W-9 and vendor information page may be found here.
  • Any questions about pricing and inventory are answered directly by Klett USA, Inc. 800.458.1226 or

If you have additional questions, and we know you might, please contact us.  We are here to help.   800.458.1226 or