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Wortschatz Intensivtrainer

Workbook for Intensive Vocabulary Practice in Context

Book A1

ISBN: 978-3-12-606371-5
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49181-8
Author: Christiane Lemcke / Lutz Rohrmann / Christiane Lemcke / Lutz Rohrmann
79 Pages, 254g, 280x210x5mm
The Wortschatz Intensivtrainer enables the learner to thoroughly practice and strengthen the vocabulary of levels A1 and A2. With numerous varied and illustrated exercises, the book creates a sound foundation for elementary communication.
  • level: A1 bis A2
  • suitable for: Beginning German

Wortschatz Intensivtrainer Book A1

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The Wortschatz Intensivtrainer treats the most important topics as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference, and functions as a thorough review of levels A1 and A2 as well as a test preparation. Vocabulary and phrases used in the Wortschatz Intensivtrainer will be available in an audio-file as download.


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