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Wechselspiel Junior

Wechselspiel Junior-Illustrations and Interactive Worksheets

Pictures and More Interactive Worksheets for Young Students of German

Illustrations and Interactive Worksheets

ISBN: 978-3-12-606527-6
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49973-9
Author: Michael Dreke / Sofia Prestes Salgueiro / Michael Dreke / Sofia Prestes Salgueiro
128 Pages, 365g, 280x211x9mm
300dpi cover
Wechselspiel Junior continues what Wechselspiel and Spielend Deutsch lernen have begun: Sheets for pair work, which provide opportunities to speak by leaving gaps in information. They provide an excellent opportunity for fun repetition and consolidation.
  • level: A2 bis B1
  • suitable for: Beginner to Intermediate level

Wechselspiel Junior Illustrations and Interactive Worksheets

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All the worksheets are copy templates and most are picture-based. The subjects and vocabulary take the interests of children and young people into consideration and promote speaking and writing skills.


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