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Heidelberger Herbst

Heidelberger Herbst-Book with Mini-CD

Leichte Lektüren Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Book with Mini-CD

ISBN: 978-3-12-606468-2
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49712-4
48 Pages, 63g, 180x111x6mm
300dpi cover
Bea Braun only came to Heidelberg to visit friends but ends up being embroiled in a pharmaceutical scandal!
  • level: A2
  • suitable for: Second Year German +

Heidelberger Herbst Book with Mini-CD

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Heidelberger Herbst


ISBN: 978-3-12-606466-8
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49708-7
$ 11.25

Heidelberger Herbst Book

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