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Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf

Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf-Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf Intensivtrainer NEU A2/B1

Intensive Trainer A2/B1

Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf Intensivtrainer NEU A2/B1

ISBN: 978-3-12-605169-9
Author: Christian Seiffert
80 Pages, 258g, 280x210x10mm
300dpi cover
This Intensive Trainer offers a variety of writing exercises for numerous forms of written communication such as e-mails, letters and faxes, and gives examples of useful communicative writing strategies in the workplace.
  • Age recommendation: Teens and Adults
  • level: A2 bis B1
  • suitable for: Learners at the Intermediate Level

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Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf


ISBN: 978-3-12-606382-1
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49156-6
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Schreiben in Alltag und Beruf Book

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The Intensive Trainer was designed for those students who wish to enhance their writing skills both for formal and informal messages in the workplace.  Standard expressions are trained as well as communicative strategies.  The material is organized according to a modular structure.  Topics include business letters, formal notes, protocols, reports, billing, money transfers, bids, filing of complaints as well as résumés and letters of application. 



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