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Land & Leute D-A-CH

Land & Leute D-A-CH -DVD-ROM

Authentic clips from German TV on DVD-ROM


ISBN: 978-3-12-606379-1
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-49537-3
Author: Ralf-Peter Lösche
78g, 192x136x15mm
300dpi cover
The second in our series of authentic Landeskunde DVDs, also featuring 12 short 3-5 minute clips introducing students to various aspects of the German-speaking world. One-page color worksheets and transcripts accompany each clip and can be printed from the DVD-ROM.
  • level: A2 bis B1

Land & Leute D-A-CH DVD-ROM

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Among the topics: a portrait of the Weimar, the production of Steinway pianos, an apline hut on the Matterhorn, Sacher Torte, Meißener porcelain, the Lorelei and how sauerkraut is made.


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