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geni@l klick B1

geni@l klick B1-Workbook with 2 Audio CDs

German for High School

Workbook with 2 Audio CDs

ISBN: 978-3-12-605070-8
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-47161-2
Author: Sarah Fleer / Susy Keller / Michael Koenig / Maruska Mariotta / Petra Pfeifhofer / Margret Rodi
136 Pages, 442g, 280x211x10mm
300dpi cover
The third level transitions students into more sophisticated and assured use of German in the three modes of communication - interpersonal, interpretive and presentational. Abstract concepts are made real and approachable. Available as hard copies and interactive online texts.
  • level: B1
  • suitable for: High School

geni@l klick B1 Workbook with 2 Audio CDs

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geni@l klick B1

Student Pack

ISBN: 978-3-12-605153-8
$ 76.95

2 CDs for Textbook

ISBN: 978-3-12-605155-2
$ 35.95


ISBN: 978-3-12-605156-9
$ 37.95

Textbook (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-3-12-605154-5
$ 39.95

Intensive Trainer

ISBN: 978-3-12-605075-3
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-47168-1
$ 20.75

Instructor Edition on DVD-ROM

ISBN: 978-3-12-605073-9
previous ISBN: 978-3-468-47164-3
For teachers only. To order, please call 1-800-458-1226.
$ 73.95

geni@l klick B1 Student Pack

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geni@l klick B1 2 CDs for Textbook

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geni@l klick B1 DVD

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geni@l klick B1 Textbook (Hardcover)

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geni@l klick B1 Intensive Trainer

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geni@l klick B1 Instructor Edition on DVD-ROM

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geni@l klick, the newly revised and updated edition of our popular textbook series for teenagers, offers maximum economy, flexibility and a brand new feature—the Instructor Edition on DVD-ROMt—which essentially allows teachers to have a new textbook for as little as $111.95. This innovative DVD-ROM contains projectable versions of the textbook, workbook, audio material, video and the teacher's manual in electronic form, and can be used on any computer or in conjunction with an interactive white board. Add additional items as your budget allows! The textbook is available in hardcover as well as online for schools moving to a textbook-free teaching environment.

  • 12 chapters with readings, audio and visual material containing up-to-date cultural information on all three of the German speaking countries
  • 3 "plateau" sections with projects and games designed to help students consolidate their knowledge
  • integrated audio exercises in both the textbook and workbook
  • clearly stated communicative goals at the beginning of each chapter
  • contextualized grammar exercises and explanations
  • tips for studying and learning strategies ("learning how to learn")
  • full-page tabular summary of vocabulary, grammar and communicative tasks following each chapter
  • additional grammar reference section at the end of the book with tables and examples
  • extensive online resources expand on material in the text
  • video program serves also as a guide for the students to create their own video projects
  • builds early cross-cultural competency with culturally authentic and up-to-date material
  • exercises and activities provide ample practice in all three modes of communication: the interpersonal, interpretive and presentational.


  • Textbook
  • Workbook
  • Online Textbook
  • Interactive Online Workbook
  • Intensive Trainer workbook for additional practice
  • Audio CDs for the textbook and workbook
  • DVD
  • Test Book with audio CD
  • Online glossary and Internet resources
  • Teacher's Manual with integrated textbook and copy templates
  • DVD-ROM for projection/interactive whiteboard