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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus)

Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus)-Audio CDs for Textbook

Textbook Series for Intermediate German

Audio CDs for Textbook

ISBN: 978-3-12-605020-3
Author: Ute Koithan / Helen Schmitz / Tanja Sieber / Ralf Sonntag
110g, 142x125x11mm
300dpi cover
This revision of our successful intermediate/advanced series is ideal for AP and college classes. The series covers engaging topics via authentic cultural material from the D-A-CH countries and includes video material from ZdF.
  • level: B1
  • suitable for: Teenagers & Adults

Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Audio CDs for Textbook

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus)

Textbook with DVD

ISBN: 978-3-12-605015-9
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ISBN: 978-3-12-605016-6
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Workbook with Audio CD

ISBN: 978-3-12-605017-3
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Intensive Trainer

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Teacher's Manual with DVD-ROM

ISBN: 978-3-12-605021-0
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Basic Student Pack

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Student Pack

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Textbook with DVD

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Textbook

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Workbook with Audio CD

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Intensive Trainer

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Teacher's Manual with DVD-ROM

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Basic Student Pack

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Aspekte neu 1 (B1 plus) Student Pack

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Revised for 2014, Aspekte neu, the new intermediate/advanced DVD-based textbook series, increases communicative competence and proficiency in German and furthers the development of vocabulary and grammatical structures through contextualized practice which focuses on the three modes of communication: interpersonal, presentational and interpretive. Authentic material is presented thematically via interactive exercises, a variety of text forms, and audio and visual material including interviews, reports, tables and charts. At the core of this program is a DVD which features authentic clips from ZDF featuring scenes from all over the German-speaking world.
Aspekte neu follows the successful structure of Aspekte:
  • The chapters have a modular structure which enables the instructor to teach the material either in linear or non-sequential order.
  • Content and grammatical structures are clearly outlined at the beginning of each chapter for easy access and convenient overview.
  • The workbook contains additional exercises as well as tools for self-evaluation.  The DVD advances the listening comprehension skills via short sequences which are linked to photo-prompts and exercises in the textbook.
  • The audio material has been intensified in the new edition.

  • Topics are introduced in 10 chapters under various aspects.  They include Wohnwelten (Eine Wohnung zum Wohlfühlen; Ohne Dach; Wie man sich bettet,…; Hotel Mama; König Ludwig II), Gesundheit (Wie geht’s denn so?; Eine süβe Versuchung; Frisch auf den Tisch?!; Lachen ist gesund; Bloβ kein Stress! Lindt & Sprüngli), Kaufen und Konsum (Ein Produkt beschreiben; Die Argumente in einer Diskussion über Konsum verstehen; Eine Reklamation) etc.
  • Review of previously learned structures and concepts is emphasized.
  • It prepares the learner for reading longer authentic German texts.
  • Photos and visual materials at the beginning of each chapter facilitate the entry into the new topic.
  • Each module presents and practices effective learning strategies for all four skills.
  • New vocabulary is introduced in meaningful and engaging contexts which stimulate discussion.
  • The DVD heightens the interest via culturally authentic material.