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Schreiben B1


Workbook + Online Resources

80 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-675039-4

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$ 26.50

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Schreiben B1: intensive training in writing skills for intermediate-low learners of German

  • Training in written communication for both private and work spaces, including scheduling meetings; composing disputes and asking for refunds; applying for positions; and more
  • Checklists for preparing and composing texts
  • Compendium of appropriate phrases and idioms
  • Moderate progression and activity sequencing
  • Develops competence in self-expression
  • Glossary
  • Answer key and guide
  • Extra: test preparation materials included for relevant test formats


Probekapitel Schreiben B1

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Das Training

Deutsch INTENSIV provides extensive practice in the core linguistic skills: Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening & Speaking.