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Wer ist eigentlich Angela Merkel?

Leben - Werk - Wirkung

Book + Online Resources

72 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-674221-4



A2 - B1

$ 16.95
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Angela Merkel (1954-) is Germany's first female chancellor. This edition of the Wer ist eigentlich ...? series explores Merkel's political career and presents how she has mastered the challenges of her time in office. Lastly, as it is still not commonplace in Germany for women to follow a path like Angela Merkel's - whether in politics or in business - the book delves into the topic of women in Germany.

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Wer ist eigentlich ...?

Leben - Werk - Wirkung

… introduces well-known characters from the fields of science, politics, culture and society. A variety of three non-fiction texts provides insight into the title’s main character's biography (life), their contributions (work) and the impact today of the subjects' life and achievements (impact).