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Netzwerk neu A2

Textbook Series for College/Adult Learners

Textbook + Online Audio and Video

176 pages

ISBN 978-3-12-607164-2

  Scheduled release: September 2020



$ 33.95
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Netzwerk neu A2 Broschüre

W641608 (12/2019)

Download (PDF 1,3 MB)

Netzwerk neu A2 Probekapitel

Download (PDF 27,6 MB)

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Netzwerk neu

Vernetzt lehren – vernetzt lernen – vernetzt leben!

This completely  new edition of predecessor series  Netzwerk  retains the tried-and-true methodology, but incorporates fresh upgrades and accents. With reworked clarity and numerous innovations in content and digital materials, learners and instructors will quickly orient themselves on the pathway from novice to...